Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Orange Peel Beef, boom yummy!

So I managed to spend too much money again today. Trip and I hit up PF Chang's and gorged ourselves on it's bounty. It'd been a while and damn it was good. I also picked up a coupla graphic novels, one Hellboy: Conqueror Worm, which is excellent. The other is call Zombee and I've only read a couple pages, but it seems fairly terrible. I hate to admit it, but recently I've found myself drawn to my old love, comic books. I can't stop with them and I need to step away and not develop a new nerd hobby to spend my money on. It may be too late, tho.

I also picked up the first season of Big Bang Theory and Burn Notice. Both were heavily discounted at Target and I splurged. I'm becoming addicted to shopping at Target. Wish I didn't have to leave town to get to one tho.

After that shopping spree, I got home and decided to give Fable 2 another try. I'd played it last Nov. when it was released and encountered a bug that didn't let me load one area. So I uninstalled it from my XBox and sent it back to Gamefly. I figured maybe it was the install that was corrupted and figured I'd give it another try. So I started, was having a good time and was advancing the main quest fairly well.

I got to this point where the main quest gave me some nebulous instruction to improve my reknown, which annoyed me. So I went to another area to attempt this feat and then it locked up on me. I couldn't even get out of the game back to the dashboard it crashed so hard. This annoyed me and, as such, I have now backed that shit back up and am mailing it back. I shoulda known.

Up next on my rental list, either Resident Evil 5 (which I'm hoping to pass on as I have plenty of horror games at the moment), Halo Wars (wanna try it, but not very optimistic) and Tales of Vesperia (an old school JRPG, a game type I haven't played in a while.)

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