Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hack, cough, wheeze, snarf

Stick with me because I got a lot to cover. I'll start by bemoaning my allergies, which are kicking my ass up, down and all around. I'm constantly coughing and when I'm lying down and take a deep breathe I can hear a wheezing noise from my chest. No fun. But faithful reader, I write on for your pleasure despite my debilitating illness.

I saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D last night and enjoyed it quite a bit. Very funny and I really liked the 3D. In years past 3D has been annoying to me because it makes my eyes water the whole time and that irritates me, but the new technology makes it better. So definitely check out MvA if you get a chance.

I also watched Solaris, Andrei Tarkovsky's old version and found it not to my liking. It was nearly three hours long and you felt every minute of it. There was a 10 minute driving sequence. No talking, not action, just a guy driving for 10 minutes. Dullsville. Stay away.

I watched a Troma double feature called Mulva Zombie Ass Kicker!/Filthy McNasty. These movies are so poorly made that you can't help but laugh at them. It's basically a bunch of college kids getting together and doing shit to makethemselves laugh and it amuses me. Don't get me wrong saying it's good would be overstating, but I am amused.

The Grand caught my eye last night. It's a faux documentary about a poker tournament that has a schload of notable stars, both movie and poker related. Funny stuff. I'd say there was a lot of improv and I dug it.

Gamefly sent me Halo Wars, the RTS set in the Halo universe and I'm surprisingly enjoying it quite a bit. It's well put together, I like the interface and so far it hasn't annoyed me like so many RTS games do. Glad I rented it.

Looking forward to the NFL Draft this weekend. Hoping the Steelers can pick up some linemen and a nice cornerback. I started to complain about the 32nd pick, but I'll stop myself since that's the price you pay for a Super Bowl win. Definitely a worthwhile trade. Personally I think the Lions should go OT to start, since their line has always sucked, but seems like they are leaning toward Stafford. Maybe it'll work out, but I believe you build a team in the trenches and add the baubles later.

I think that's enough rambling for the moment. I'm off to grab some Mexican food and maybe watch Religulous.

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