Friday, April 17, 2009

going nowhere

Haven't posted in over a week because I've had a fairly busy week and been consistently tired. But I'll try to elucidate all of you, my loyal readers, on the highlights. I had a work meeting Wednesday, my day off, and that was great. But I did turn it around somewhat by making plans with Kevin and hanging with him and his fam. Was a good time. His daughters love me, why is it I only have that effect on females under the age of 10?

Well damn, really that's the big thing, everything else is in tune with my regularly scheduled dullness. I've been reading a lot lately, and I finished Dan Rooney's biography. He's the owner of the Steelers. I enjoyed his tale, which is basically 75 years of Pittsburgh history. I found out that my local library has a pretty good selection of nonfiction books on football and I will now be plowing through them. Currently reading Feinstein's Last Man Up, about a year with the Ravens.

I am completely over hearing about these Tea Parties that conservatives have put together. I have no idea what these people want, aside from not having a black president. frankly I think that if you simply culled those people from the herd the average American IQ would leap up several points. On the other side, I wish MSNBC would let the teabagging thing go. It was funny briefly, but now it's just embarrassing.

Aside from useless political jargon I've been watching Burn Notice's first season and am one episode away from finishing it. So far, it's excellent. It balances a nice espionage plotline with family/relationship issues and hot chicks. I'm enjoying it.

And finally I'll close with a nice link to a fine Christian website that will answer many of the questions so many of you have. Enjoy.

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