Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Are friends electric?

Trip and I spent three freaking hours playing the Viva Pinata demo on his 360. Nothing like a game designed for small children to keep two grown men occupied for hours at the time. Hell that goofy game makes me want to buy a 360... but I'm fighting the urge. At least for the moment I am. We'll see what the future holds in the face of Halo 3.

Since I got home all I've done really is cooked up a coupla eggs and listened to a ton of music. I was browsing around the iTunes store, just listening to stuff I hadn't heard of before and sorting through various mixes when I can across this Gary Numan track Are Friends Electric? and it's so good I had to buy it. I dig the gothy, new wave style. I debated buying a whole damn greatest hits thing, but as most were live compilations or $20 double album sets I let it go with the one song.

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