Monday, March 12, 2007

Das Boot!

Went to see The 300 with Trip yesterday... but it didn't quite work out that way. We stopped by Waterloo music beforehand as I was looking for some DVDs to send to my brother. I snagged a couple (including Beerfest, which rules!) and when we went to leave, his car wouldn't go. So we called his parents to come help us out. His dad gets there and informs us that there is no oil in the car and it's running low on coolant as well. Both of which we could have taken care of if we had half a clue.

So, since his car is shedding oil, we nixed the movie idea and drove home. We went to Texas for dinner and had some lackluster service. The we went to Blockbuster and had some more lackluster service. Nothing like customer service taken to a new level.

I then came home and watched A Good Year with the rents. Not bad, gotta love movies about vineyards. I need to own a vineyard... with wanton french women living around it... Ok this fantasy leads down a dangerous road that most probably don't want to read about. Those that do will find little difficulty in finding another website that caters to them.

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