Saturday, March 03, 2007

Language keeps me locked and repeating

I'm tired, grumpy, estranged, horny and generally offput. Long night working and I had loads to do. Had to run the live NAACP Image awards broadcast, which wasn't as bad as I thought. They honored Bono for his work in Africa and he gave a pretty kickass speech, I thought.

The thing was they talked about "Extreme poverty." I suppose they have to phrase it that way, because when you think of poverty in America you think of bums living on the streets and eating out of trash cans. Poverty in Africa means you can't find untainted water. It boggles the mind. Makes me think I should complain less about my life. Of course, then what would you people read?


Anonymous said...

You can tell the regular season is over when Eric gets all philosophical. So, on a more positive note I'll channel his blogging in a more up-beat manner. For example:
I think the Raiders will select JaMarcus Russell rather than Calvin Johnson in the 1st round spot. Oakland has suffered dire consequences for neglecting franchise investment in that position in the last decade.

NFL- 365 24/7 baby.

"Leg Hound"

Anonymous said...

Adam some one should hire you for your profound prognosticating on the truly have some amazing inside infortmation!

Anonymous said...

Adam a.k.a. "Leghound", I agree with you. Although, passing up on Troy Smith may not be so easy either.