Sunday, March 25, 2007

want more than I can get

Well at last I can relax some. Work was a motherfucker this week. Couple that with other recent developments that I'm not going to discuss and it's been as hellish a week as I've had in a long time. But now I plan to relax and recoup. Whatever that means. Might try and watch The Prestige tonight. The book was good, will the movie hold up?

I'm debating joining a gym, but I have to investigate the options and avoid year-long commitments. I need to do something active and the weather's nice. It'd be nice to have a way to vent out stress and, hopefully, look and feel better. Of course, what's going to happen is I'll join, work out for two weeks, be struck down by allergies for two weeks and never return. That's just judging from past experience.

Anyway, I'm off to waste some time and try to relax in my unshaven glory. The second Bridget Jones movie is on and I'm watching it for some reason I'm unsure of. The woman is clearly insane. Of course, it's a pretty accurate representation I suppose. Not that men are any better, I'm sure, but I have no interest in dating them.

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