Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The stench of mediocrity

Alas my weekend is drawing to a close. We're still training the new guy and so, I get to work an extra night this week. I won't be complaining when I get the overtime pay, but I do likes my time off. Doesn't help that I have to run playoff baseball, which is a huge pain in the ass. Friday was a clusterfuck I won't get into. I don't look forward to doing it again this weekend.

Trip and I went to Danville for dinner tonight with the intention of spending some cash afterward at Toy R Us. They are having a buy two get one free deal there and we were both gonna pick up the Orange Box and I was gonna grab something else, maybe Madden or NCAA. Maybe a DS game to play at work. But, sadly, TRU was out of The Orange Box, so we just browsed the toys and came home to watch Heroes and How I Met Your Mother.

Not my fav. episode of Heroes, but still good. Having a Hiro-free episode really showed how captivating he is. Also no Peter Petrelli. Seems they are trying to make you care more about some of the other characters, which is ok, but I miss those two.

Good fantasy weekend for me, tho. I took part in an anti-Jessup weekend as Adam and I took down the brothers. The Evil Penguin beat Greg's Innsmouoth Fish Eyes, to prevent him from sweeping our series this season and the Leghounds remained undefeated, pounding Mike's Danglers (huh huh, huh huh). I'm starting to believe we need some injuries on Adam's squad so the rest of us can pick up the Lucky Breaks.

Gonna try to rise early and check the Roanoke TRU to spend my money on more video games I don't have time to play. I consider it an investment... ok I can't even justify that to be funny, I'm silly. I spend money, it's who I am. Leave me alone, I'm doomed to be poor, but at least entertained.

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