Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vinegar chips, gypsy rock and Dr. Strange

Another wholly average day in my life. I did get a good night's sleep tho. Which was nice.

Anyway, this post is gonna be some random thoughts that occured to me today. So without further ado:
  • Cape Cod Sea Salt and Vinegar chips are super awesome. It's like crack except for fat guys.
  • Slurpee kicks the ass of Icee in every possible way. It's not close. I only lament that 7-11 is so far out of my normal drive and, hence, Slurpees are harder to procure.
  • The new Radiohead album, In Rainbows, is exquisite.
  • Kitchen Nightmares is great. Why do I love a show about a guy yelling at people to get their act together when I'd smack someone who treated me that way?
  • The weather needs to move back toward fall. I'm sick of days in the 80s. Fuck all that, I want it brisk! I want those beautiful leaves on the trees.
  • I also would like more rain.
That is all for now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

I miss you!! I also enjoy the Kitchen Nightmares and I also crave brisk weather. There is something sad about fall that I love. So how are you? ~*Jo*~

eric said...

Hey Jo! It's good to hear from you. Tell me your email and I'll write you. Or you could email me at