Monday, October 08, 2007

Why not commute for fun?

Maybe I should just quit watching football. I slept through the Steelers game today and they dominate Seattle, I'm winning my fantasy game until I tune into the second half of the Bears game and Desmond Clark catches a TD to make my 12-point lead a 1-point deficit. Stunned. Now I need Lee Evans to outscore the Dallas defense by two points... I don't like my chances.

It's been that kind of weekend tho. Everything I go to do has not turned out how I wanted this weekend. An example you ask? Well last night I was told I needed to work today (which is a long drawn out story that I will not bother with) so I drive in to work and find that Misty is already there to do the job, in spite of everyone's expectations. So I got a nice two hours in the car today for no reason at all.

I think I'm gonna open a bottle of wine and finish it. Cheers.

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