Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nerd urges. Nurdges?

Christ I'm missing my Xbox 360. I don't think I mentioned it here, but my 360 red ringed a week or so ago. For those of you not in the know, red ring is the three flashing lights on your machine that indicate that it had run to hot and is fucked up. It's not uncommon and after less than I year mine died and I had to ship it off for repair. This means that Nick is the only Xbox 360 owner I know who's machine hasn't red ringed. He's only had his for like 7-8 months, so good luck to him.

It's funny, normally, I can sometimes go for a week without looking at the thing, watching movies, reading and whatever. Now all I want to do is play it. It's annoying. I've resorted to playing my PS2 just to fill the time, but can't seem to get involved in any game I've got for it. I did play quite of Einhander tonight, which is a PS1 shooter that's fun. Still it was a desperation move to fill the empty hours of my pathetic excuse for a life.

I've been debating getting a PS3, but that's just stupid. Why pay $400 for another system when I don't really have time to play the one I have usually. It's just a knee jerk reaction that I've managed to squelch so far.

I have been looking into getting a new cell phone, since my contract is up soon and they are trying to lure me into a new one. The phone I really like is this one, but it's incredibly expensive for something that is way more than I really need. Still my nerd genes cry out for it like baby birds exhorting their mother to vomit up the sweet technology to satiate their hunger. Wow, how's that for simile?

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