Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wave the Terrible Towel to honor a fallen legend

Myron Cope died today and the Steeler nation is saddened. He was Pittsburgh's announcer for 30 years or so (feel free to check his bio). He was the inventor of the Terrible Towel and coined the phrase Immaculate Reception. I've only heard clips of his game coverage and seen interviews, but even with that limited exposure I understood that he was one of a kind. So doff your cap to the memory of one of the Steel City's great men.

On to other topics, my alba mater, Ferrum College, had reports of a gunman on campus. Nothing really came of it, but it sucks to hear about. I'm thinking it may have all been a misunderstanding, at least I hope so. I don't want to hear about Ferrum being shot up. Hell, I don't want to hear about any school being shot up, but particularly not Ferrum. That may be the place where I was happiest in my life and I'd hate to think of it otherwise.

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