Monday, March 03, 2008

The work week gets longer all the time

Man it's been a tough week and it's good to finally be able to not be at work. I worked an extra overnight this past week and for some reason it just crushed me. Probably didn't help that we were constantly behind and missing a person on the busiest night and so I had to bust my ass. On top of that I've just felt like shit for the last few weeks anyway.

So now I'm enjoying wandering the interwebs,drinking a nice cup of tea and I'm listening to NPR's All Songs Considered (which Adam will tell you is liberal somehow) and feeling decent. Mellow, even. I'm trying to download the new Nine Inch Nails album (I even paid for it!), but I'm experiencing some trouble. The file I get is corrupted or something. It's a pain.

I picked up the Justice League The New Frontier dvd on a whim (with Trip applying pressure to my spending tendencies). It was decent, although I thought it could have been fleshed out a bit more. Still it was fun. I'm still more of a Marvel Comics fan over DC tho. I also bought The Darjeeling Limited, the new Wes Anderson movie. Haven't watched that yet, but I have no doubt I'll love it. It's Wes Anderson, my favorite director!

My ability to resist buying a high def tv is being tested weekly. I nearly went for a deal at Best Buy last week. I kind of regret not getting it, but I probably should be responsible. It's tough. I may simply give in to my tech nerd desires. We'll see.

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