Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Four yaks and a dog?

Having a decent weekend. My 36o came back in and lo, it is mighty. I had missed it. But more on that later. After a brutal weekend of work... ok it wasn't that bad until Saturday's new cast went to fuck pie. No fault of mine, but shit rolls downhill and I'm standing at the bottom in this metaphor. So that's something to look forward to Wed.

Sunday, Trip and I headed to Greensboro to look at high def televisions because my resistance has been worn down. I think I'm gonna get a 42-inch LG LCD because it has all the pertinent stats and is cheap (relatively speaking). But I may wait until next week to pick it up, just to see the sale paper and allow for a whole weekend to gaze at it's awesome visage in my living room before being forced to return to reality.

Tonight was Cue night (as in BBQ) and then I shopped around Sears for tvs, but nothing impressed me as much as the LG. The Trip and I headed to his pad to watch Unhitched and then we played Rock Band for several hours. When Trip mentions playing Rock Band, my reaction is usually one of disinterest. But tonight he forced it on me, like improper sexual advances in the workplace, and we did have a good time. It's so much fun rocking out to Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills or all those classic rock songs that are familiar without my actually knowing what they are. It is challenging tho and my pinkie gets really tired after a few songs.

After leaving Trip's I came home and watched a few episodes of The Tick cartoon (which I picked up on Sunday). Ohh I love the Tick, it's just genius. I then went on to finish the campaign in Call of Duty 2, finally. Yes, the Nazis were beaten back once again and the world is safe from their tyranny. I should be lauded and lavished with affection for my efforts. On to Call of Duty 4 where I will face down terrorist hordes without fear in my heart.

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