Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One step further down the rabbit hole

MMMM. I created a wonderful beverage just now. You start with orange juice, about 1/4 of the ice-filled glass, then add an IBC tangerine/orange soda. The final touch is a smidge of vanilla extract. I served it in a clear plastic cup and drank it from a straw since that seems to make things taste better for some reason. So yum.

Anyway, I had to work again tonight, which blew. I got one day off this week. I'm beat. Waaay too much time watching crap tv.

I watched the first disc of Unforgivable Blackness, the Ken Burns documentary on Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He is an awesome character that just refused to live by anyone's rules but his own. Check it out if you're a boxing fan, or are interested in complete badasses who beat the hell out of his opponents with a smile on his face while having a conversation with people in the stands.

In an endeavor to further push myself into complete nerdiness, I bought a couple of graphic novels. That's right, comic books. Only playing the depths of D&D, LARPing and cosplay are left to lower my rating on the nerd scale. But I got the first book of The Walking Dead, a story about survivors of the zombie apocalypse (always a winner with me). It's very good and I'm looking forward to getting the next couple of books in the series.

I also got the Batman title, Arkham Asylum. It's a tale of the crazy people in Arkham taking over the asylum and insisting Batman join them there. It's a great story and the art is fucking awesome. It really carries the feel of darkness and insanity throughout the book.

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