Thursday, March 13, 2008

unexpected accolades

Received a commendation at work today, which is unprecedented. Usually something goes wrong and I can expect to hear bitching about it regardless of whether it was my fault or not. So for something like the evening news to be completely fucked up and then praised for how I handled the situation is astounding.

Of course, after hearing good news something bad had to come my way. We are having a meeting with corporate people soon, which undoubtedly will lead to a huge pain in the ass. I've never been to a work meeting that had any positive value and I don't expect it to change. So I'll have to drive to work on my day off, get my ass chewed and drive home. That's how this usually works.

Been playing Call of Duty 4 some and it's sweet. I suck at multiplayer online, but it's fun. The campaign is really good too. It's got some exceptional moments and is really well packaged. I did have to turn the difficulty back down to normal, which is odd since I beat COD2 on the higher difficulty. Not sure why that is.

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