Monday, March 31, 2008

Poop sockin' all the live long day

Ahhh it's been a good day. I'll describe it for you. I got up, showered and played Bioshock. Yep, that's it. I poop socked my way through Bioshock. (Poop socking is a term for marathon gaming sessions i.e. you are so involved in the game you don't want to waste time going to the bathroom and hence, shit in your sock. Not sure if that has ever actually happened, but the term amuses me.) But yeah, I finished Bioshock around 3 a.m. and it was fan-fucking-tastic. I recommend it to anyone with a clue.

It felt good to not have to leave the house. I've worked a shitload of hours the last coupla weeks and I enjoyed vegging. Plus it was all cold and nasty, with a forecast heavy with racetards in the greater Martinsville area. So staying in was probably best for my sanity.

Hey have I mentioned my downstairs neighbors are probably running a meth lab? Well it's true. The chemical stench burns my eyes some days. We are alerting the landlord and if that doesn't do what needs to be done I'm calling the cops. Fuck waking up to that smell, much less the potential for the damn place exploding.

I also re-read The Watchmen, a graphic novel by Alan Moore (who's pretty much redefined comics since the 1980s. You've heard of his works, even if you don't know it. V For Vendetta, From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and so on.) Anyway The Watchmen is fantastic. It's being made into a film by the same guy who did 300 and I have high hopes. Gonna go and do a little reading now.

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