Monday, September 15, 2008

FedEx Field and sleep deprivation

I had a long day Saturday. So long, in fact, that it spilled over the entirety of Sunday as well. What I did was work all day Saturday and then ride with Kevin to D.C. for the Redskins game. Great game. We had nice seats and the free buffet. It was glorious. The game was excellent. Felt a little bad for Kevin that the Saints lost, but the second half was so good that it was hard to be too upset about it.

After that we drove home and my lack of sleep pushed me into whole new realms of silliness. Not sure how Kevin endured my rambling. Got back to Roanoke around 10 p.m. and I caught like a fourth or fifth wind. I wasn't tired at all. What I was was crazy. I was hyper, silly and loud. Good thing I was alone in my car. Bad thing I had a cell phone.

Still, it was a great trip and I have to thank Kevin again for hooking me up with the ticket. I've recently decided I need to spend more of my time doing something that's not in front of a tv or computer screen and this was perfect.

In fantasy news, Kevin and I are tied heading into the Monday night game. I got two players left to go and he has none, so things look pretty favorable. On the down side, we are having some serious drama with a scoring gaff causes by the EA website. It's always something with EA and we really need to consider finding a new home for the Techmo Lucky Breaks league next season. That said, I'm not certain where that new home would be. Need to do some research on other options.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I cannot believe you came to DC and did not tell us. Larry was at the game tailgating, and I was supposed to go, but begged off....I would have gone if I had known you were there.

Glad you had a safe trip....


eric said...

I totally should have called you. I'm a bonehead. I'm going to blame it on the sleep deprivation, but really it was me being a doof.

Anonymous said...

No worries, I know time is limited. But we're here if you need us.