Saturday, September 13, 2008

The sutures and bruises are none of my business

So I gotta tell you, I looooooove being ass-raped by oil companies. I drive home Friday morning, passing the gas stations as normal. Note the prices, go home, sleep and drive past them not 10 hours later and the prices are 75 cent more per gallon. Love it. Love the hurricane shit, love the insane profits of oil companies, love my two hours of commuting a day and most of all love that the end isn't in sight.

I was reflecting and it occurred to me that no right-wing conservative Christian asshole preacher has said why God has decided to strike down Texas. I mean, New Orleans, sure. It's a den of inequity with sex, drugs and black people... the horror. But Texas is a fine Republican leaning bastion of proper white values. I mean they hate the ACLU there, they elected George W. Bush governor and the Dallas Cowboys play there, surely they are beloved by Jesus.

But no, he is wroth and has sent a mighty hurricane to decimate them and their unholy ways. You never know who Hurricane Jesus is gonna smite next...

Ok, ok I'll back off all the Christian bashing for a minute. I can't help it, all that hypocritical nonsense makes me angry. Add that anger to the gas prices anger, work stress and general rage and it has to come out. It was this blog or a gun-wielding rampage. I debated it for a while and decided I didn't want to be on tv.

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Anonymous said...

Pessimistic & troubled fuck, aren't you?