Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rubber dicks slathered to the hilt in peanut butter?

Let me explain the title of this post before it gets out of hand. It's a direct quote from a movie I watched tonight entitled "Die You Zombie Bastards!" I'll start by saying this is a bad movie, but it's aware of how bad it is and just tries to have fun with it. Which, somehow, makes it ok. It's got the production values of a Gwar concert, horrendous acting, silly special effects, innumerable dick jokes, gratuitous nudity and a wholly silly plot line.

It's wonderful. I couldn't stop laughing at it's complete lack of shame. I mean, it has "Rubber dicks slathered to the hilt in peanut butter?" in the script somewhere, how can you not laugh at the absurdity of that. You aren't capable of laughter if that random line doesn't make you laugh. I'm saying it's filet mignon at the least, but I suppose how other people could see it as straight torn colon. It really depends on your tolerance of silly horror concepts and your sense of humor.

I also watched Doomsday tonight, which I can't really recommend. It sent mixed messages. It kinda wanted to be a political statement film, but it also wanted you to leave your brain at the door. It's not horrible, but the reality it's set in is just silly. Overall the best part of the film would have to be the ass of the heroine. It's shaq-fu at best.

While I'm typing this I'm listening to The Fantomas Melvins Big Band show on I'm not really big on the Fantomas really, but I love the Melvins more and more. The show is pretty good if you're into thunderous guitars and noise. I find myself rarely in the mood for this type of thing, but when I am nothing else will do.


Anonymous said...

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eric said...

An anonymous anal fissure post... how charming.