Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sleep? It's overrated

A fairly eventful weekend so far. I pulled another all-dayer (that's an all-nighter to all you day dwellers, just with the times switched) and went to see my bro and his fam before they move to Mississippi. Had a good time. My lone complaint was when my nephew Cameron decided that Gabe and I weren't allowed to watch anymore of the Steelers-Eagles game and turned off the tv then absconded with the remote. It was kinda funny, but coming between me and the Steelers is a death warrant. It's a testament to my love of the little guy that he retained all his limbs. All said, a good time was had by all and I was happy to see them all. Gonna suck when they are out of reasonable driving distance.

The Steelers lost that game and I blame it all on my inability to watch and support the team. I'm an integral part of the winning process. One the upside, The Evil Penguin did manage to lock in a win over the struggling Fish Eyes this week despite some lackluster showings from my wideouts. I am now 2-1 and definitely in the hunt. Lots of drama in the Techmo Lucky Breaks league so far this season. Hopefully this sort of thing won't go on all season, it may be more than I can take.

In other sports news, Trip and I were playing the NHL 09 demo the other day and I happened to notice that I was passing the puck to Satan. That's right, in the offseason the Pittsburgh Penguins picked up right winger Miroslav Satan. So now Satan is now in Pittsburgh, which means evil is at home there... making them Evil Penguins! I really don't see any way they can be denied and the Stanley Cup is a lock. I may try to procure a Satan jersey at some point, if I can squeeze my fat ass into one.

I picked up the new TV on the Radio album, Dear Science. I haven't really had a change to absorb it so far, but what I've heard is good. Gonna take some more listening. I'll be amazed if it's as good as their last album Return to Cookie Mountain, not because it's bad, just because that thing was so amazing.

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