Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not a total loss, but close

Well at least the Steelers managed to pull out an OT win to keep this weekend from being a complete sports washout. The Mets completed their collapse managing to not make the playoffs and the Evil Penguin was thwarted by S. Jax's resurgence and an insane day for The Danglers' kicker making this an unhappy weekend for me. But Pittsburgh overcame a horrible first half and pulled out an ugly win to bring me a little joy. The problem is that Pittsburgh is down to one running back and lost another O-lineman for the season. This schedule is bringing the hurt.

In other news, I've been watching the third season of Deadwood and it depresses me. Not because it's bad, hell no, because I know it's not going to end. There should be at least another season of Deadwood, but it's not to be. HBO halted it too soon and the story is left hanging. Suckjob.

I also watched the second season of Weeds, which has really picked things up and become more interesting. I won't say its a great show, but definitely worth watching.

I've been listening to the new Boris album and there is this track, Next Saturn. It's incredible, but I know that noone I play it for is gonna get it. It has a heavy noise portion to the song and it's difficult. You got to want it and most don't. It's annoying not being able to share this music I love because noone else I know likes this sort of thing.

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