Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Evil Penguin reigns supreme!

Fuck me what a day. I've been a complete basket case over the Techmo Lucky Breaks Fantasy Football League championship game. I slept in because I knew I'd be a nervous wreck, checking my scores, watching the games, yelling at the screen and I definitely did that. Toward the end of the 4p.m. games I decided to get out of the house and try to not brood about it all day.

When I get back to Trip's from Danville I check and my score and I'm leading by a scant five points, with LaDainian Tomlinson having three touchdown and 95 yards. This is bad because if he gets five more yards he gets a point for getting another 10 yards and a four point bonus for reaching 100 yards. All of which seems very likely. But somehow, the lucky breaks fall my way and I emerge victorious!

After all the agony, the suffering I manage to finally take the title. With the last pick in the draft I started slow and had to come back from a 3-6 record to win eight straight games, knock off the top two seeds in the playoffs and take home the championship! Cinderella boy, ex-assistant greenskeeper about to win the Masters. Sure it's just fantasy football, which some consider one step above playing Dungeons and Dragons as a hobby, but it's nice to win for a change.

Ok, ok, I'm gonna break my arm patting myself on the back. Just gonna sit back and enjoy it for a little while.

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