Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Non-football catch up post

So I haven't really blogged in a week or two, aside from yesterday's glorious fantasy football braggadocio. So I'll catch everyone up. I've been busy working and actually having a social life. That's why I actually look forward to the holidays now, I get to interact with people. A nice change, I tell you. But yeah, got to hang with Adam, Mike and Shannon and Nick and Abbie. Watched some football, played some Call of Duty and had a few drinks. Good times. Between the lagging economy, Adam's potential new job and everything else who knows if I'll see them again before next Xmas.

Then, of course, I went right back to work for the actual holiday. I get to work through the New Year's stuff too, so there some more fun. Ahh well, at least I'll be making nice pay for that. That coupled with my fantasy winnings is making me consider buying a new tv. I should be smart and use it to pay off my car, savings, blah blah blah. I wanna fritter it away! It's more fun that way. Bah, we'll see.

Today I basically basked in the afterglow, relishing my victory. Then went to dinner with Trip and played some Tiger Woods 09. You know, I was a little apprehensive, having gotten very tired of Tiger way back when, but I really enjoyed this. The game looks great and plays well. Plus the character creation is fun and leveling up my guy is totally addictive.

I also bought Civilization 4 for my PC off of Steam, who's having a big sale through the New Year. This game is awesome. I lost five hours last night and they flew by. It's amazing. I love creating a nation and running it throughout history.

I'll finish with some random notes: Avoid The House Bunny; I love Doctor Who and I don't care how nerdy that makes me; been listening to some Bob Dylan lately and he's pretty good, maybe you've heard of him.

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