Wednesday, December 10, 2008

misplaced time allotment

Went Xmas shopping on Monday with Trip and we had a good time. I spent too much money, but I knew I would going in. I'm trying to tone it down some from last year and I still have several gifts to buy, but I'm succeeding so far.

Today I played some more Gears of War 2 with Trip and that was fun. Seems like the game gets better as we progress, but there is some really cringe-worthy dialogue. Still, worth playing through.

After playing through a chapter of Gears we watched Fred Claus, which was not great. Basically it was the usual holiday movie, just starring Vince Vaughn this time around. His banter is entertaining, but just not enough to carry the whole movie. Elizabeth Banks also looks hot in her Xmas outfit.

In fantasy football news I am closing in on the final playoff spot. A win will put me in I think. I'm trying not to get too excited, because typically when I expect good things to happen, that's when everything goes haywire. This extends to more than just fantasy football, let me assure you. Still, it's nice to be winning for a change.

It's almost absurd how much fantasy football changes my mood. When I'm successful, I'm more pleasant, calmer and maybe even more confident. I know this game is completely inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but it means a lot to have put so much time into something and then to come away triumphant. Of course, I'm still exactly three wins away from having that triumph come to fruition and so there is plenty of time for the agony of defeat to set in.

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