Monday, December 15, 2008

Call back from the wishing well

I'm having such a great weekend. The Steelers clinched the AFC North title, The Evil Penguin rolls into the TLB playoffs with good momentum and I won a $100 gift certificate to 202 Market. That's some good times there. Ohh and I just had a tasty albacore sandwich. What could be better? Ok I can think of a few things, but I'll take this and make do.

Gonna try and finish my Xmas shopping tomorrow I don't have a lot left really, but it's kinda hard to figure out what people will really enjoy receiving. Maybe next year I'll just give everyone the ugliest sweaters I can find for them. Start an ugly sweater club. Sounds fun, huh? Call Bill Cosby, he can be an honorary member.

Next coupla weeks are gonna be really busy with people coming in and trying to make time for everyone. Looking forward to seeing everyone and doing my thing, but I'm sure it's gonna be tiring. Sucks having to work through the holidays all the time. Could be worse, I suppose. Could have lost my job thanks to the crappy economy. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Hmm think that's about it. I did read the Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling. It's... ok. A nice quick read, but I'm not overly impressed. Doesn't really seem to be something that needed writing. Of course, if I was gonna make that much money from writing that crap I'd poop it out too.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely not even one "Thank You" from the the thankless Evil Penguin?

Dear friend, you are certainly welcome for my victory. A victory that has put you in playoffs. Less we not forget...

Now- go win that trophy w/ fearless ambition & determination.


Anonymous said...

Whatta ungrateful soul.... if I had a rubber hose...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no comment? The boy makes it into the playoffs & has already written off us "little folk".



eric said...

Actually you'll note that Nick did not win his game, meaning that you did not have to win to put me in the playoffs. I'll thank you for making me not sweat it out one more night.