Saturday, May 13, 2006

Betrayed by body and mind

Ohh man what a day I've had. It started late last night when I had a bowl of Life cereal, that my body decided to reject with extreme prejudice. I've felt unwell for most of the day and that was fun. That made work less than fun from the outset. Couple that with me being a dumbass and a couple of annoying things done by other people and it was just not fun.

On the upside, I did get good news. I will be working a couple of extra days later on in the month, which will give me a nice 60 hour week before the end of the month. This is good, because I've been pinching pennies to get my bills under control and next month was gonna be a bastard with my insurance being due. But now, it's more managable, so something worked out nice for a change. Maybe the Year of E is still in effect, maybe.

Anyway I'm done for the moment. Have a good weekend cocksuckers. (Deadwood comes back in June or July and I'm prepping now!)

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Anonymous said...

Deadwood -- June 11, to be exact, cocksuckers!