Monday, May 15, 2006

Cocksuckers calling it quits

I have just read some horrible, horrible news. It concerns my fav. show, Deadwood... sigh. Alas it seems the series will be done after season three. Dammit, why do all the good shows only last three seasons or less while shit like Reba is on for years? WHY? Apparently the creator, David Milch is a cocksucker to work with, according to HBO. Still that show is sooo good, let him run with it.

In other news, Sunday's suck. My shortest shift, but seems the longest. They drag on and on, argh. I also got a sub from Firehouse Subs for dinner and it kinda blew ass. I won't be going back there, in spite of the hotass working there. Tomorrow I get to sit through a presidential address with my highly political comrade and listen to him rant throughout it. The fact that I agree with most of his point of view only makes it a little less like torture.

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