Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hankco's Laminated Grinder World

Sooooooo Trip and I went to Danville today and had a good time. Got a little BBQ at Short Sugar's which is a quality establishment. I particularly like the name, which has much more personality than either Martinsville's main cue places (Pigs R Us... yesh and Dixie Pig).

Anyway after that we did some Mother's Day shopping and I got Mom a nice vase that I hope she likes. We'll see. I traded in some old games for a coupla Game Boy games to play at work. We'll see if I like em. Then we made the trek back to Trip's and watched last week's episode of The Office, which was quality.

We also managed to download the new trailer for Halo 3!! Woooo. I'm never gonna be able to afford a Xbox 360, but one can dream. It was a cool little movie, Bungie does things right.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the preview. It could have been my video feed, but I thought the graphics looked like "XBOX" 1.0. Am I being critical? Probably... but when you're a fan of the best first person shooter in the world it's gotta be perfect. We'll see. I don't feel the sense of urgency to run out & drop $400.00 for a 360 quite yet. I'm actually relishing in the fact that Version 1.0 games are tumbling in price. And you know my thrifty ass. I hate paying full price for almost anything (except Kansas City Chief tickets). We'll see. I saw a promo for the PS3. That baby is just wicked. Looks like Sony may have actually gotten it's act together, FINALLY.