Tuesday, May 02, 2006

so tired

Ahh my three days off, here at last. It's been a looooooong four days, let me tell you. Ended up working my first overnight on Sunday. Dude was sick and I got to do it. Loads of fun. Plus work has started to be more like work now. I don't just sit there and watch tv, I actually do stuff. None of it is really hard or annoying, just occupying. So I'm not complaining too hard.

How about that draft? I would now like to say I don't believe the Texans made that bad a decision. There may have been a better way to go about it, but I think they addressed a definite need instead of overspending on a position they have covered. Is Reggie Bush a special player, signs point to yes, but we won't know until the fall and that D-line needed some serious help.

I suppose this all boils down to my own personal football philosophy. I'm a firm believer that the game starts at the line and if you can dominate that, you will win, no matter what super player they have catching or running the ball. That's why I'd say the Jets had a really good draft, picking up two really good linemen in the first round. The Dolphins might have some trouble owning them next year Nick... maybe.

The Steelers seemed to do fairly well in the draft, as usual. I figured they'd go for a safety first, but they reached up and grabbed Santonio Holmes, then added another WR later in the thir .Even so, how could I criticize them? I trust Pittsburgh's front office implicitly. They've proven over the years that they know how to rate talent and get the most out of the draft. So until that changes, I don't have anything to say but welcome to Steeler country draftees.

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