Friday, April 28, 2006

Occupying my time with a vengeance

Soo I've managed to stay busy throughout my weekend. Trip and I had dinner on Tuesday, mmm Red Lobster. Man I love crab... but anyway. After that we watched the most recent UFC pay-per-view... sans the pay part. It was good, although I was hoping Tito Ortiz would lose, but what can you do? I picked the rest of the fights correctly, proving once again that between my knowledge of mixed martial arts contenders and blind, dumb luck... I rule.

After that I trucked up to Roanoke (I know, going to Roanoke on my days off, yesh) to stay with Adam so I could help him out on Wednesday. He needed me to ride with him to Maryland so he could buy a new Forerunner and drive his wife's Jeep home, which I did. His new ride is pretty sharp and he got a sweet deal. I'm definitely having him do the search when I next decide to buy a car... in a decade or so.

It actually was a pretty fun trip. We chatted the way up and he had bought some walkie talkies so we could talk on the way back. That definitely made it go quicker. Stopped in Harrisonburg for dinner and admired the college cuties for a bit.

When we got back to Roanoke we watched Cinderella Man, which was pretty good. It was no Raging Bull, but pretty good. (+1 chainmail) We then watched Jarhead (foot massage), which I liked a lot. Of course, I knew going in what it was going to be like, but they did a good job of making the book come to life for me. After that I headed back. I considered staying with Adam, but I wanted to have one day where I didn't have to drive to or from Roanoke this week.

Today I slept in, then was greeted with some computer problems that put me off. I fiddled with it all day, bought a new network card, returned it and finally figured out the problem over at Trip's. It was annoying. Then we watched Spike's UFC programming on Thursday. I'm a Ken Shamrock fan, but he really seems to be lagging behind in the coaching department. We'll see how it turns out.

We also watched Ed vs. Spencer, the BBC version of Kenny vs. Spenny. I don't think it's quite as good overall, but it's still fun. Also the Brits contests seem less set up from time to time, as sometimes it seems like there is no way what goes on in Kenny vs. Spenny isn't staged.

Well, I have a long weekend in front of me, what with the NFL Draft and work and all. I'll try to update, but no promises. .

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