Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where is your sense of decency?

Watched Good Night and Good Luck tonight and it was excellent (foot massage). I thought it was well put together and well acted. It's sad really how many of those same problems we are now having tho, just substitute terrorist whereever they say communist. America never learns it's lesson... or perhaps there is always someone out there using fear to gain power. Either way it's disconcerting.

Also watched some sweet Ultimate Fighter 3. Good stuff. I'm not sure why UFC isn't one of the top sports in America. It's violent, it has character and it doesn't suffer from the same taint of cheating and fixing that boxing does. I suppose it's cause John McCain decided he'd use it as a soapbox at some point and talk about how it was "human cockfighting," which is totally uninformed. Don't get me wrong, I like McCain, but he's totally off base on that one.

I'm now debating playing some WoW vs. watching Brokeback Mountain. Nerdy vs. gay, the ultimate decision. Hmmm...

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