Monday, April 17, 2006

further tales of manlove

So continuing where I left off last night, we had barricaded ourselves in our room to fend off the drunken horde. They came in and harrassed the crap out of us, banging on doors and trying to engineer a way into the room, but to no avail.

Next morning we rouse fairly early, Jeff bails and Mike, Nick, Adam and Greg go play golf again, while Kevin and I hit Borders, Target (so I could pick up underwear, which I had forgotten to pack) and Macaroni Grill. We then head back to the hotel for an unmolested nap. Mike and Adam returned and took their own naps, while I read Christopher Moore's new book A Dirty Job, which is excellent (Filet Mignon).

Later on we all finally get a move on and head out to Logan's for dinner, which was kind of meh... Then ended up going to some bar Stumble Stiltskin's maybe? The bartender was super hot and we spent the evening oggling her. Adam and Kevin were both contemplating an early exit and bailed early, I didn't stay out much later, but Mike had to hit the club's. He shows an inability to give up the club life for some reason, I don't really get the charm.

We left pretty early the next morning, especially Adam. I know he and Kev were operating on a complete lack of rest for their Easter festivities. I came home and crawled back into bed and didn't rouse until Mom told me Gabe was on the phone. So I got to talk with that goon for a while. Then I goofed off until I had to go to work.

Anyway I don't know if I've actually conveyed that I had a good time with these posts. I seem to have overfocused on the negative (nothing new really) and minimized the fact that I really do enjoy hanging out with those guys and was glad to be there despite packing that much meat into that small of a hotel room.

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