Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Here comes the Raging Bull

I, having been diagnosed by my mother, look like hell. Actually she said I look ill, but I'm translating into Eric-ese. I don't really feel great, but I am feeling kinda crappy. Anyway I don't think it's anything big, I'm just beat.

Trip and I had Outback, which was more expensive than I remember, but good. It'd been a while since I had enjoyed a good steak. After that we goofed off and walked around the mall for a while. I ended up succumbing to temptation and getting Battlefield 2, but I got a good deal on it so all is well. I still haven't played it, I may hook that up in a minute.

After returning to Martinsville, I got to see the XBox 360 in action and man is it sweet. I'm totally jealous. Fight Night 3 is pure boxing goodness. I won the first game with Jake Lamotta, but Trip then came back to win the rest of the fights. I shoulda won the last matchup, but he put together two good punches and I was unable to get up... which sucked.

After that we checked out the bells and whistles and it's all really cool. Plus the wireless controllers are handy, although both Trip and I kept reaching for the cords to keep from getting tangled in them, except they don't exist so we just look like goons. Needless to say I want a 360 now... although I have bigger fish to fry.

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