Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This is not me! I hate this!

Vacation!!!! Wooooo. Yeah it's been a hard couple of months and now I need some time off... Yeah I know I'm a slacker, but what can you do. I plan on enjoying kicking back until the weekend and some good quality partying with the gang. I'm hoping we can piss off some good Christians in the hotel for Easter this weekend. That's my goal.

Notes from yesterday: woke up like I had won the silver in an Olympic drooling event, ran late the whole way to work and ground out my 10 hours there. Drove home, stopped for gas and got some chicken tenders at the Dodge Store... big mistake. Walked into my home and was greeted with the bold smell of fresh lilacs on the kitchen table. Nice, but disconcerting when you don't expect it at 3 a.m.

Debating what to do tonight. I may stay in and watch ESPN's Draft special. We'll see, I'm sure it'll be rebroadcast and I may need to get out.

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