Friday, April 07, 2006

Ground and pound

Went to hang with Trip this evening and ended up getting sucked into UFC stuff on Spike. First they had some live matches, which was cool. None of them were spectacular really, but still fun. Then the new season of the reality show Ultimate Fighter came on. It's Shamrock vs. Ortiz coaching, which gives Trip and I a natural point to argue over since he loves that douchebag Ortiz and hates Shamrock (who I always liked).

But yeah, I love watching that stuff. It has the stuff I liked about Tuff Enough without the suckass wrestling part, although I do admit to missing Al Snow as a trainer. Still actual mixed martial arts makes up for it.

I return to work tomorrow, but I suppose it's not all bad. I work four days and then get five off, whoo. Gotta love that, although it does hurt my financial rebirth. Ehh, what can you do?

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