Monday, April 24, 2006

avoid assimilation

Funny how my blog dries up on the weekends as I work. It's almost like I have no time to myself... hmm. Anyway it's not so bad, although tonight I did do the first bit of "work" at my job that actually seemed like work. It's not really that bad, typing in the log, but it's not watching tv... ahh well. Also subclipping video is annoying, maybe worse that typing. I still got a cool job tho, as far as what I do. The pay could be better, but everyone says that.

What other news do I have... I dunno. I watched Brokeback Mountain on Saturday. It was very well done and well acted. I liked it a lot, actually. Ang Lee is a master of making scenery a character in his films, I actually wanted to go to Wyoming. That's something that's never happened before. Also, on a purely misogynistic note, Anne Hathaway topless make my brain stop working on any discernable level. She is breathtaking.

I continue to plow through A Feast for Crows. It has moments of greatness, but I feel like it's really missing something... ohh right, all my favorite characters. Ok, not all of em, but plenty. The ones left are good, better than most other authors characters, but it's had not to miss my favs. I suppose I should stop whining.

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