Monday, April 17, 2006

Chicken fucker, brokeback and eatin ain't cheatin

Man it's been a full weekend. I'm exhausted, so I don't know how far I'm gonna go with this post. My drive home was brutal. My eyes felt all dried out and droopy and I had to force myself back into awareness a couple of times. Worst ride home so far, but I wanted to get something down here for my faithful few readers.

Anyway, as I've mentioned previously, this weekend was Mike's bachelor party deal in Greensboro, with the whole crew hooking it up. It was Mike, Nick, Adam, Kevin, Jeff, Greg and myself in two hotel rooms the first night and Mike, Adam, Kevin and me in one room the second night. Let me say that the time in the rooms were filled with dank and fetid odors and frequent eyefuls of manmeat. Scary really.

I had a pretty good time, although I was totally stunned when we ended up in a club on Friday. When I hang with my boys, that's what I wanna do, not go to a place where conversation is not an option and mill around staring at hot women that want nothing to do with me. But enough with the bad...

We opened things on Friday with Mike, Adam and Kevin waking me up way too early, me packing hurriedly and being picked up. We played golf in Madison, NC at a crummy little course I hadn't been to in years. I ended up swinging pretty well, considering. My short game was horrid, but I did manage to hit a few decent strokes. I think I amazed Adam. People often confuse my unwillingness to do stuff as an indicator of inability, as opposed to the simple apathy it is.

From there we hooked up with Nick at the hotel, grabbed a late lunch and then went swimming. Jeff eventually arrived and we goofed off until dinner, which was ok, despite my steak being a little charred and it being expensive.

Ohhh, I almost forgot we had the fantasy football trophy ceremony for Nick at the hotel before the pool. Adam pulled out all the stops, sweet trophy, plaque to commemorate all the past winners, an unveiling and to top it all, music from Monday Night Football and NFL Films. I'm looking forward to it next year when I win.

Anyway, after dinner we wandered around for a bit and ultimately went to the club that stunned me. Kev, Jeff and I weren't drunk enough to enjoy ourselves so we bailed a little early and barricaded our room to prevent being fucked with when the drunk bitches made it in. A wise choice.

Ok, that's the opening night completed and I'm beat. I'll continue the story tomorrow when I get a chance, but now I hear my pillow calling me. So long chicken fuckers.

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