Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Haunted by the freakish size of Nancy Reagan's head

I, my friends, am tired. I have been working a ton and get to pull an overnight tonight. So Happy Fourth of July to me. I suppose it coulda been worse, I was going to have to do overnights all week, but that changed, thankfully.

The upside is, besides making overtime money, that I've been able to get a lot of reading done at work. I read Michael Chabon's Wonder Boys and it was really good. I'd seen the movie, but as usual the book was better. Chabon's got some nice technique. I'm sure people will be writing thesis papers about the symbolism of the tuba and Hannah Green's boots for years to come. I'd say this was a foot massage, with potential to move up after I've had time to reflect.

I also read two Augusten Burrough's books, Magical Thinking and Possible Side Effects. His stuff is incredibly funny. He has a great flair for picking the weird things in his life and making you laugh about them. I think I prefered Magical Thinking overall, but both were worth checking out.

I also got the new Mission of Burma album, The Obliterati, which is quite enjoyable for the knowledgable punk fan. The title of this post is stolen from the chorus of one of thier new songs.

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