Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You need different feathers if you're going to fly

Yay my weekend is here! Woo three whole days to do nothing. Actually I'm considering trying to break my usual mold, but I'm not gonna get too overzealous. I need to not spend a ton. I have some extra cash from all the overtime I've worked, but it'd probably be best not to fritter it all away if I can help it. Still I do need new shoes... and a cell phone... and an Ipod. Fine the Ipod is probably not the top of the list realistically, but I sure would like one.

I'm probably gonna end up doing some shoe shopping at some point, cause my sneaks look like ass. I also may try to do some reading and some writing. Heck I may try to do some of that stuff outside, as I need to try to even out my trucker tan a little bit.

I'm also considering joining a gym, but I'm not sure that would be money well spent at this time. I mean I definitely need to be in the gym, but I'm not sure if I have the time, or rather if I will use the time I have to go to a gym. It's quite a difficult question.

Also have you noticed that NFL training camps are firing up? We are on the cusp of the season and ESPN is starting to give me the programming I want. Huzzah! We want a repeat! Woooo, we need a ring on the other hand now in Pittsburgh.

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