Thursday, July 27, 2006

Societal pressure

Trip and I made our way to Greensboro yesterday and stomped through a high percentage of the shoe stores down there. He ended up buying a pair of Chuck Taylors that were on sale and I found nothing to suit my needs. Shoes are a pain in the ass to find. Either they are absurdly pricey (I'm not paying more than $60 for a pair of sneakers, call me old-fashioned), horribly ugly, they don't have my size or they don't fit right when I try them on. It's a pain in the ass.

Also I suppose my self-esteem was getting too high and I had to bring it down by shopping for clothes. Nothing more humbling that being a fat guy looking for something to wear. Go to a store like Eddie Bauer and try to find something that fits. Yeah, good luck, might get a pair of socks.

So after feeling like a human freak show you head out to the Big and Tall store to shop with those other less than normal folks. Pop in there and they have your size, but there are still issues. One: half the crap has either no idea how to tone down the fact you're a fat guy or directly emphasises that you are a fat guy. Two: the stuff there that is moderately stylish and of decent quality is priced so high as to be absurd. The only things I saw that were priced even remotely reasonably were on the 50% off bargin rack.

I did manage to spend some money, tho. I bought a coupla new shirts which I like. I need some new t-shirts too, but I may resort to the internets for those.

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