Saturday, July 15, 2006

The "liberal media" is a farce created by rightwing nutjobs

Well I continue to work loads and, as such, my blogging as suffered. I also spent my days off this week hanging out with Adam up in Roanoke. We had a good time talking fantasy football and arguing politics. I could ramble on about our disputes, but I shan't. Frankly I'm tired and the differences don't mean a lot, we're good friends despite is fascistic tendencies. (Heh.)

We saw the Pirates of the Carribean sequel, which was a fun movie. The action went a little over the top a coupla times, but it was all good fun. I was kinda bummed by the cliffhanger ending, guaranteeing a trilogy at the least, but I suppose I can stand to see a third one of those.

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