Friday, July 21, 2006

only in a world this shitty

I'm kind of bored, listening to mediocre industrial music and debating between actually writing something and just futzing around on the internet for a while. Or maybe I'll do some reading. I dunno, I think I may try to write, that's why I'm here actually. So I can get past all the bullshit that normally crosses my mind when I sit down to write. So if I write something fantastic tonight this blog will be the equivalent of a singer hawking up a loogie before going onstage to perform. Woo, now that's painting pictures with writing there.

Anyway it was a slow day for me: lounged, read some fantasy football sites, played a litte Warcraft. I do have to mention that my love affair with WoW may be fading as I am approaching boredom whenever I log on. Too much of a good thing I suppose.

Trip and I grabbed dinner and then goofed off at his place for a bit. We played the demo for the new college football game and he beat me twice!?! His "chuck the ball deep" strategy offset his not knowing what an option play meant. I also played through the tutorial for The Battle for Middle Earth II on his XBox 360 and it wasn't bad. I don't know that I would really get into it, but as far as console RTS games go, it's decent.

Hmm the industrial music I'm listening to now, Funker Vogt, is much better. I've been finding some good music lately. Destroyer may be my favorite of those, tho. Anyway I'm off to do something, still not sure what.

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