Sunday, July 09, 2006

Japanese food calls out to me

Hmm what to tell and what to edit out... I'll start with Trip and my excursion to Roanoke on Thursday. It was ok, although Trip had been up on Tuesday with Kev and so shopping was a little strained as he was bored easily. I looked for a pay as you go cell phone option and was dissappointed with what I found. We ended the trip by having some dinner with Kevin, Courtney and Eve at a nice Japanese restaurant. I got too much tempura and won't make that mistake again, but it was nice. Eve was a little overactive, but she's two... that's how two-year-olds are, or so I'm told.

Trip and I grabbed some ice cream and then drove home and I crashed immediately, catching up on lots of lost sleep. Something I sorely needed to do. Since then I've worked mostly, with little else to report, other than my Jeep's rise from the dead and return to my driveway.

Well, actually today I did buy a new book, The Prose Edda as translated by Snorri Sturlson. It's Norse mythology, which I love. I bought it while killing time before work. I then picked up some Yakisoba and headed to work, where I read most of Jonathan Lethem's Fortress of Solitude. It's got amazing depth. It's about a white kid's youth in Brooklyn, growing up in a black neighborhood. I can relate to some of it, having been a white kid in a predominantly black area. Of course, Martinsville isn't Brooklyn by any stretch of the imagination, but there are still similarities.

Anyway my eyes grow heavy with the passing minutes and it's time for me to commune with my pillow.

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Eric likes big buckin' chickens.