Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ohhh the goat!!!

It's been a busy weekend. Let me begin by complaining that my laptop hard drive seems to have died. I'm writing this from my old Imac and it's very slow. Still I wouldn't want to withhold my faithful reader(s?) from my erstwhile ramblings. I reactivated my Netflix account, so I go movies flowing in now to hold my attention. I also have told my WoW account to stop renewing for the time being, so once my last month is up, I'm gonna let it slide for a while. I'll probably go back when the expansion comes out, but til then I'm kinda bored.

Anyway, Let me diagram my Saturday for you. I rose around 1 p.m. and moved to the couch to watch Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers. It was pretty good, if you like Jarmusch. Bill Murray is really exceptional in these minimalist films because he can convey so much with just a turn of his head or by moving his eyes. He makes you understand what is taking place in his character's mind. ...back to my day... I finished that, drove to work and was there for almost 10 hours.

While there I read Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle in its entireity. It was good, but he's got a real dark sense of humor, which I appreciate. Still any book that kills off the entire human race (and probably most of the animal and plant kingdoms as well) is a tad darker than what I deal with in the regular. Hell, he puts Palahniuk to shame, maybe close to rivaling Lovecraft from a perspective of basic carnage. Well the creator of the Elder Gods is hard to rival, there was probably less suffering a la Vonnegut and no blind idiot god. But once again I have derailed.

After finishing Cat's Cradle I went to The Know It All, which is about a guy reading the Encyclopedia Britannica. It's ok, a little dry in places, but not bad. I'm still whittling it down. After I finally was able to leave work and drive home I goofed off on the internet until around 6 a.m. How's that for a full day?

Ohh I also watched Waiting, with Ryan Reynolds and it was entertaining, lotsa dick jokes which I enjoy. Luis Guzman is the man. Why isn't he in more movies? OK I'm beat and going to read for a minute before I sleep. I had other crap to talk about, but I'm drifting too much to get to it, plus this thing is too long as it is.

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