Thursday, August 24, 2006

Remember, remember the fifth of November

Went to Trip's tonight and we watched V for Vendetta, which was pretty good. I'd rate it a foot massage all told, although I really did like the imagery/artwork and the inherent message. It just got kinda slow at times and that kept it from being higher.

I remember hearing about it having some anti-American sentiment or something. I think maybe Adam mentioned that it was an attack on the Bush administration or Republicans in general, I may misremember, but he seems the most likely culprit. I think you could only say it was an attack on Republicans if you see them as fascists trying to grab power through fearmongering and rousing the public with supposed foes of the community (a la the gay community, etc.). I do happen to see them that way and don't think the movie was about them in particular. I think it was more about the perils of letting fear make your decisions for you and that giving away your freedom for supposed safety is a horrible exchange.

The title line is also significant for me because my mother's birthday does fall on Guy Fawkes day, with mine immediately following. (My maternal grandma's is on the fourth of November, so we make a nice package deal.)

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