Thursday, August 17, 2006

Every step an adventure

Man I dropped a shit ton of cash today (that's more than a regular ton, but less than a metric shit ton). The thing is I didn't get anything I didn't pretty much have to have. Well, ok I bought two pairs of shoes when I coulda only gotten one, but it was buy one, get one half off and so I bought some Nikes (which looked better in the store, but screw it they are fine) and some Vans.

This was after I had dropped a cool $30 on an oil change. Yeah, I'm officially changing the place I take my Jeep to after that. I tried to support the small local business, but damn. Thirty is a lot to spend on a friggin oil change. I then got a haircut and snagged my sneaks.

I then proceeded to Trip's pad and we got Japanese, mmm tasty. We watched Deadwood (always a pleasure) and goofed off. I predict that his Tifaux (that's like Tivo, but different) will explode this weekend taking out his DVD player with it. It's not that I wish him ill, it's just that all his electronics seem to be dying of late. It started with his computer a few months ago and then moved into his big screen tv (which he hasn't had for over a month now). Then this week his XBox 360 dies and he's gotta get it repaired. I think his house has been infested by some sort of anti-electronics demon. We may have to have do something about that. I need a young priest and an old priest.

The draft order for fantasy football came out yesterday and I pick fourth. Not a bad spot, but not one I really figured I'd have. I was hoping to either pick second or third or somewhere around seven or eight. I'm kinda torn, I know who the safe pick is, but I'm considering reaching down for potential... hard to say. I may just free wheel the draft and go with my gut. Still need to do some research beforehand and have the up to the second injury report. Ya know, I may care about this waaaaay too much. Naaahhh.


Bethany said...

A little birdy told me you were going away from game for a while. I hope to see you when expansion comes out. In the meantime, take care of yourself!

<3 Mey

Anonymous said...

Eric, I think your writng is so very provocative. I wish you would come out more like this when you're around me. I wish you were into me like you are that DAMN FOOTBALL POOL!!!

-anonymous- (you figure it out)