Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I need more cowbell

Well I took my computer into the most crumby looking computer shop ever today, but the guy seemed to know what he was doing. Sadly, what he seemed to know was that my hard drive was fucked up, with potential for my motherboard to be fried. So best case scenario I lose everything I had on the laptop, but it will still work. Worst case, it's shot and I need a new computer altogether.

These revelations cast a pall over my shoe shopping this evening, not that I found anything that was comfortable, attractive and in my price range. Maybe I'm a cheap bastard but I don't wanna pay $40 for a pair of Chuck Taylor's and I don't wanna pay $100 for a pair of sweat shop-made cross trainers. After I find out if I need a new computer I may be postponing my new shoe quest for a bit.

I am now working on my old Imac, which is sooooo fucking slow. There was a time when I loved this computer and it still holds a certain nostalgia factor, but man is it outdated now.

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