Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Twelve+two+eight=my life

So I've been working my ass off this past week. Tomorrow will be my seventh consecutive work day, but fortunately I get a couple of days off after that. Got a nice dinner with Corb and Trip planned, so that's something to I can look forward to this week. Of course, after that break I go right back into a 36 hour weekend. Hell tonight I feel like I got in super early, even tho it was like 1:30 a.m., but it's much better than 7 a.m.

Not a lot besides work going on. I started reading Tolstoi's War and Peace, basically so I can lord it over people that I am well read, but it is slow going. I'm like 70 pages in and having a hard time getting my footing in the novel, if you will.

I'm about to go overbudget for the week, which annoys me, but there are circumstances beyond my control. The first being my computer repair and the second being expanded gas use because of working an extra three days. I suppose this will even out once I get my fatty check on Friday, but I'd rather not be dipping into my bill money. I'm making every effort at fiscal responsibility and hate even the notion of backsliding at this juncture.

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Anonymous said...

Your responsibility is also fantasy football, which requires a computer. Don't be so hard on yourself, old ladd. You'll have an opportunity to be $300.00 richer if you're smart AND lucky. See ya, mate.