Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I prefer Nobody

So I just watched Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man. I watched it way back when it came out in 1996 and remember enjoying it, but man I don't remember it being that good. Pretty fucking amazing. Johnny Depp is awesome, as usual. Jarmusch uses great scenery and some really great concepts, I mean great storytelling without having to spoon feed every detail to the audience.

Ohhh and the thing that pushed it into the truly wondrous was Neil Young's soundtrack. Oh man, just Neil and a guitar, plodding, hinting, casting dense rays of emotion. It created an atmosphere that pulled you in and made you feel what was going on. I'm saying this is pure filet mignon, although I admit it's not for everyone. Hell whenever I say it's Jim Jarmusch's you know it's not an easy movie.

In other news, it's my weekend! I have a couple of days of not work to enjoy, although I have a bunch of crap I need to do. Haircut, oil change, find shoes, study fantasy football drafts, etc. I pick fourth in the draft, so I gotta plan a strategy for that spot. It all goes down on Tuesday.

Ohh, and I hooked up with Adam tonight for some late evening IHOP action. Kinda regreted the food tho, it coulda been better. Was cool to hang out, basically we talked football. We both are like freakin school kids.

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Anonymous said...

No kidding. I woke up at 5am to get up for work & was still tasting that midnight hour omlette. Ugghhh... party hard.